Streak broken

Well, dang. Since my migraine wiped me out yesterday, I had been thinking that I would be kind to myself and slide words from the day before to yesterday to recover. I've done that a few times when things go astray, like when I was knocked down due to the COVID vaccines. Better to slide … Continue reading Streak broken

Big update

For those of you wondering, I did stay up on Sunday night to get all my words in. So, the weekly goal streak is at 4. I had just been so close when I finished the blog on Sunday that I just couldn’t resist. I was also so glad yesterday to get the Patreon posts … Continue reading Big update

Lean back, tip head down

Everything I've tried to write tonight has turned to mud in my hands (so to speak). I give up. So, I'm going to leave this here and get on with my evening. Instead of fighting the nature of the day which has left me feeling immobile, I'll just lean into it. Cheers.


Sorry. I am too stressed to write a blog post today. If anything, please send blessings that tomorrow rectified what was going on today quickly and that I can move beyond this moment. Thank you. Cheers!

Last minute

Working on my book today. Doing this to keep the streak. Currently at 515 days, but I’m seriously considering cutting back so I have more time to write my stories. Maybe it’s just my mood right now. Streak continues. Now, back to the story. Cheers.

365 Days

Today marks one year of me writing a post every single day. Some days I've come close to missing, but I've made it. 365 posts. 1 year. Every day. Keeping a daily blog is a lot of work. I've been asking myself the last couple of days if I want to continue after I crossed … Continue reading 365 Days