Nearly there

I finished the map today for Sword and Shield. To the best of my knowledge and belief, the story is now ready to go. Release date is February 22, 2022! In case you were wondering. I hope to have some links gathered by tomorrow, but for now, you can read the first chapter here. Also, … Continue reading Nearly there


Worked on Patreon posts this morning. Then I finished getting the third book in the trilogy threaded back together and the outline updated. It's good to have that done. I also got Sword and Shield all spell-checked today. Discovered two things off the bat: 1) I need to work on the start of the book … Continue reading Plans

Redesigned cover

I'm sure this has to do with reworking Sword and Shield yesterday, because today I got the notion to change the cover for Palladium. Yes, I know. It's been up for barely a week and I'm already making changes. But the cover always bugged me. I couldn't find anything better that I liked. What specifically … Continue reading Redesigned cover