Zoo pictures

I promised some photos from the zoo. Do you know whose tongue that is in the photo above? Is it an ape? Here’s me hanging with a gorilla. Is it a lion? Here’s me hanging with a lion. Okay, aside from crawling through a tunnel too, I did more than hang out at the kids’ … Continue reading Zoo pictures

Ah, pets

Dragon has finally finished translating all the dictation I did while on my drive to Washington and since then. Most of it is a journal of my thoughts and I'm excited to read through it. But there's the start of the next Fenrir's Tales story. There's also a section for my Siva story. Coville, pictured … Continue reading Ah, pets


The gate for my writing office came in today. I spent part of the evening getting that in place. I have been wanting to get a door, well, a half door really. Something the cats couldn't jump over, but that would let the daylight from my office windows through. For years, I've had a piece … Continue reading Gate