Much done

I have been extraordinarily busy today, but laundry and dishes are done, the car is washed, tomatoes are blanched and frozen, Merlin's dog house has been put back together, pine needles are partially raked from my yard, and I've made the eggplant recipe I've been craving for days with leftovers for tomorrow. Yeah, I'm tired … Continue reading Much done

Filler post

I couldn’t believe how tired and sore I was when I got up today. I guess I must have been at it harder than I thought. Anyway, I’m writing this as a filler post because I’m trying to keep my blogging streak going, but I’m just not up to being lively right now. Tomorrow will … Continue reading Filler post

Second Tuesday?

Remember Tuesday where I didn't get much done? Yeah, today is being like that again. Except right now I have no energy to even try to do anything. Ugh. Note the lack of an exclamation point. At some point, I must get enough energy to go write my words. I've reached my daily word goal … Continue reading Second Tuesday?