Drove to Boise and back today. I was hoping to see some friends along the way, but they couldn’t make the event. I did gain my son along the way. We went to dinner at Big Jud’s. It’s a burger joint near the college. I’ve heard about it from a couple people but never gone … Continue reading Boise


Left base camp to head to the underground fortress. Emerged to have lunch prepared by leprechauns - I found them today. Then I returned to the underground fortress, but had no luck finding treasure. It always bums me out when that happens! I so wanted to be victorious. Then it was off to fuel my … Continue reading Treats

My goodness

It was one last bike ride, then off for home. A tree I took a picture of today. They pose so well, don’t you think? The drive home was mostly uneventful. Thank goodness. What I did come home too was a garden nearly overgrown. Spaghetti squash that were just tiny little things were now huge. … Continue reading My goodness

Ninjas: By the Numbers – Part 1

A black-winged angel and a homeless man gave her hope. Now, Amanda searches for her destiny. Numbers point the way and a star guides her.

But some things cannot be calculated. Will the numbers add up, or is there an error in the Universe’s designs?

A fantasy adventure told in four parts. Available for 1 week only!