A little thought for tonight

There's a little star out there. Its light takes an extraordinarily long time to reach your eyes for you to see it. If it's light keeps shining straight until it reaches your gaze, what do you think its gravitational pull can do to you? Who says that everything isn't connected?

And well…

I'm not finished with the second book yet. I started my day out working on my newsletter which is going out tomorrow and I had several goodies to set up for that. It took me several hours to get that done. However, when I was meditating the other day, it popped into my head how … Continue reading And well…


Last week was an interesting one. On many levels. Firstly, I signed up for lifetime access to a bunch of learning materials for writers. I have only had a chance to watch part of the "Fear" videos -- what, me? Fear? OMG, yes, I do have some! -- and in that time I've already doubled … Continue reading Joyful

ACEO of the Week – 06/10/17

ACEO of the Week
Keep looking up and dreaming. We're here to create ourselves. Why else would we have this little bubble that we live in? What is the purpose? 

Come closer and let me tell you a little secret several billion people on the planet don't realize.