Tree of Life Studies

I thought I'd show you a few pieces that I've been exploring. They are all the same concept, just different workings on it. I'm thinking about taking at least one of these concepts to a larger canvas. Personally, #2 is my favorite. What do you think?


It's really not uncommon for me to hear "the voice of inspiration" talking to me. Often I think I'll be doing one thing but I am guided to do something else. For example, right now I really want to be working on illustrating my children's book, but here I am writing a long overdue blog … Continue reading Unbroken


I finished working on my waterfall painting and I got to comparing my other waterfall paintings. Wow, what a progression. I thought I'd share them with you. This one was my very first painting. I was working from a Bob Ross tutorial and had one happy accident too many and ended up with a completely … Continue reading Evolution