Snowy Sunday

Foirgive me if there's typos tonight. Temmy is sleeping on my shoulder and I'm holding her in place, so typing with one hand. It snowed last night more than I thought it would. Here's a couple picture. The first couple were taken without extra lighting because it was so bright. I didn't even need my … Continue reading Snowy Sunday

Cold toes

I always hear people say that they don't like the cold, that they can always put on more clothes for warmth but that they can't take their skin off in order to cool down. Personally, I don't like to be a stuffed sausage, and that's what I feel like when I have several layers of … Continue reading Cold toes

Broken wiper

Snow today. My wiper slipped off my sleigh and I had to fix it. Fortunately, I didn't go sledding. More snow coming in to make it a winter wonderland. Okay, well, it is snowing again. I'm ready to go curl up with a book. Cheers.

Cuddle bug

We've reached the time of year where my fingers are cold. Bummer. But a little cuddle bug interrupted her annoying climbing to come and curl up with me. The cuddle bug caught a nap, waking with enough energy to return to her climbing. Oh, how high could she get? It seemed like a constant quest … Continue reading Cuddle bug

Treat time

Merlin says hi! We spent a bit of time outside in the shade this afternoon. He was thrilled. He wanted to bark at everyone. I was giving him treats to keep him quiet and trying to get him to be a good boy while I was writing. I didn't get much writing done. What I … Continue reading Treat time