Paw prints

I got out early and did some more shopping. When I got home, the cute little paw prints you see in the picture above were on my porch. It’s not from one of my cats. I do think Bella was outside while I’d gone shopping, but her feet are a bit larger than this. If … Continue reading Paw prints

Cold toes

I always hear people say that they don't like the cold, that they can always put on more clothes for warmth but that they can't take their skin off in order to cool down. Personally, I don't like to be a stuffed sausage, and that's what I feel like when I have several layers of … Continue reading Cold toes

Broken wiper

Snow today. My wiper slipped off my sleigh and I had to fix it. Fortunately, I didn't go sledding. More snow coming in to make it a winter wonderland. Okay, well, it is snowing again. I'm ready to go curl up with a book. Cheers.

Making do

I am now officially halfway done with the audio editing on the 6th Loki novella. I'm hoping that in the future, my time with editing will get faster. My son and I were taking yesterday about something that his dentist had said to him and it got me to wondering if I had a similar … Continue reading Making do