Not in it today

I was bad and sat in one place for too long this afternoon. It ended up giving me a headache which kept me from writing this evening. I got some words done, but not nearly as much as I'd like. It never is though. (grin) Tomorrow is another day. Cheers.

Leaving the nest

I am happy to report that the fledgling remained safe through the night. It had disappeared sometime in the evening and I was worried that a cat had gotten it. Bella had been inside, so I knew it wasn't her. But this morning, I heard the familiar cheeps outside and went to look. I found … Continue reading Leaving the nest

The visit

My oldest son came home today for a short visit. Surprise! I'd gone to the back of the house and was lost in thought when Merlin started barking. Since he barks at everything, I figured that one of my neighbors had come home (or was leaving) and making a lot of noise. But then Merlin's … Continue reading The visit