I took a look today at how far behind I have gotten with my publishing. I have several short stories out that are only in electronic (and some in audio too) form. I also have a whole bunch that need to either be out "in the mail" submitting for magazines or published. That doesn't even … Continue reading Awareness

Big update

For those of you wondering, I did stay up on Sunday night to get all my words in. So, the weekly goal streak is at 4. I had just been so close when I finished the blog on Sunday that I just couldn’t resist. I was also so glad yesterday to get the Patreon posts … Continue reading Big update


I was so close to hitting my weekly goal last night when I finished up that I pushed myself that little extra bit. It was probably a silly thing to do, but it did mean that I’m now at a 3 week streak. It’s been a long time since I had a streak going for … Continue reading Circumstances

Almost writing

Today has been strange and it’s thrown off my groove. Because of that, I thought I’d start off with my blog and prime the pump, so to speak. Is it working? So far, no (grin). I made the mistake of turning on the tv for noise while I write, but I’m being distracted and watching … Continue reading Almost writing

Trust in action

I’m very happy and excited to be writing Arlyn’s story. After I finished writing my blog a few nights ago when I mentioned that I was at a hard spot, I started considering the world and the characters. The world at this time is one without magic. There’s a secret organization struggling to survive. Mysteries … Continue reading Trust in action