Another day down

It’s been another long day, but the extended weekend plans are done. I’m sunburnt, wounded from splinters and other various activities, and tired, but I did have a good time with family. I’d almost be afraid to know how sunburnt I’d be if I hadn’t been wearing sunscreen. I’d certainly been more wounded if I … Continue reading Another day down

Dream journal?

Because of my day tomorrow, I must not linger tonight. I just hope I can sleep. I'm terrified of waking up at 2 in the morning because I've thrown myself off schedule and not being able to sleep. Oh well. If that happens, I'll deal with it. I wish I was getting more writing done. … Continue reading Dream journal?

Finding stories

There are so many stories. It depressed me a little. I went looking for the manuscripts I was planning on going to next and saw so many uncompleted stories, or stories that had been started but were in shreds for one reason or another. It makes me half wonder if I should triage and start … Continue reading Finding stories