Tie a bow

Tonight, my WordPress editor looks like normal. Go figure. (grin) What is life without a little bit of strangeness every now and again? In other news, I started the final chapter of Siva's book today. I need to loop back and take another look at the end of the previous chapter. I'm hoping that I … Continue reading Tie a bow

365 Days

Today marks one year of me writing a post every single day. Some days I've come close to missing, but I've made it. 365 posts. 1 year. Every day. Keeping a daily blog is a lot of work. I've been asking myself the last couple of days if I want to continue after I crossed … Continue reading 365 Days

Treat time

Merlin says hi! We spent a bit of time outside in the shade this afternoon. He was thrilled. He wanted to bark at everyone. I was giving him treats to keep him quiet and trying to get him to be a good boy while I was writing. I didn't get much writing done. What I … Continue reading Treat time